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Mage Water Elemental
Feature #: 2473
File: Elkano's BuffBars
Date: 10-16-07 05:27 AM
By: Pinkee
Status: Wont add Feature
Love the Buff bars and have used them in a number of my UI creations...However, i've found myself needing to find separate mods to tell me the length of time the Mage's water elemental has remaining before it de-spawns.

I Was Wondering whether this could be included in with ElkBuffBars? I Currently use Chronometer from the Ace2 catalog but i've found that i cant customise that as much as i'd like to.

Keep up the good work :)


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By: Elkano - 10-29-07 02:14 AM
EBB is for trackingbuffs on specific characters by means of normal WoW API.
The time left for the water elemental isn't a buff and thus it's not available via the API.
As a result I won't add it.

(But maybe I'll look into an interface at some point where other addons can add stuff to the list via callbacks...)
By: Pinkee - 11-04-07 11:42 AM
awesome thanks