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Need Addon similar to FriendsFu but a little bit different ... maybe you can help :)
Feature #: 2493
File: Miscellaneous
Date: 11-07-07 06:50 AM
By: Elbian
Status: Awaiting Feedback

Hi ...

first of all i want to ask if you speak german if yes, please tell me if not english will be fine

i'm a guildleader on a german server and we need an addon very similar to your FriendsFU but a little bit different.

Instead of showing the members of the friendslist, we want to have the members of a special chatchannel shown in the addon.

I have some experience in coding, but i'm completely unfamiliar with lua-scripting right now.

It would be great if you could help us doing the job or maybe give us the permission to use the code of your FriendsFU addon as a kind of codebase.

You (or any other lua-coder who wants to help) can contact me via this forum (Elbian).

Hope to read u soon

Best regards
Elunavasha - [Elunes [email protected](DE)]

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By: Elbian - 01-04-08 03:13 AM
HI ...

I've seen you've been online in january and well I'm somehow disappointed ...

Maybe you could at least dropp a line like "sorry not interested" or "sorry too busy" but not answering at all (within 2 month) is somehow poor even for a non commercial project.
And don't flame ... I'm doing a lot of non profit projects as well and don't have my time stolen ...

So thanks for ingnoring ...
By: Elkano - 01-05-08 06:29 AM
Ignoring someone can mean a lot of work, simply forgetting about something comes for free...
So basicaly I only forgot about writing an answer directly and later I thought I did write on via PM :/

There is a FuBar plugin that does what you want I think though I don't know if it's still working: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info6618-FuBar-ChatListFu.html