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Target's Target buff grp & target's target's target buff grp
Feature #: 2528
File: Elkano's BuffBars
Date: 01-01-08 07:10 PM
By: daviddb
Status: Under Review
yeah, i'm currently running xperl and i think it'd be very helpful if you would add options

Target's Target
Target's Target's Target

to The Target option menu currently the only options available is:

[Target] =Focus

So the options menu when you create another bar group would look like

[Target]= Focus
=Target's Target
=Target's Target's Target

reason i'd like to use this option so i can disable xperl target buffs or even if your using blizz target buffs it seems to look like this

[Mob] [mobs target]
buffs, buff buff buff buff buff buff buff buff

they overlap each other when your in a raid i don't wanna move them id like to try and use elk's to have their buffs/debuffs come down like target=player's elk's buffbar i think that would be more helpful. then you could disable xperl target buffs ect and blizz's buffs aswell

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By: Elkano - 01-02-08 06:33 AM
I don't know if UNIT_AURA fires for those... if it does it should be possible, if it doesn't I would have to scan for changes and I will not include it.