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Add 'reputation needed' to fubar display text
Feature #: 2595
File: FuBar - FactionsFu
Date: 02-19-08 08:04 AM
By: mstrjonathan
Status: Under Review
I find seeing how much repution remains/is needed on the currently tracked faction very useful. I do like seeing repis/repmax in the tooltip list but not as helpful on the fubar display.

On my copy as a quick and dirty fix I've replaced/changed repis/repmax:

text = text..("%s%d/%d|r"):format(rephex, self.factions[self.watchedid].repIs, self.factions[self.watchedid].repMax)


text = text..("%s%.0f|r"):format(rephex, self.factions[self.watchedid].repMax - self.factions[self.watchedid].repIs)