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    Bug #: 3747
    File: flagRSP BC
    Date: 06-19-07 06:12 AM
    By: Deantwo
    Status: Unconfirmed
    ( wow didn't know there was something called "Bug Report" ^^; )

    ok... in FlagRSP Style
    "Enemy Guild" doesn't seem to show
    "Roleplaying Style Flag" doesn't seem to show
    "Character Status Flag" doesn't seem to show (have been seen once with a person that didn't have a "Roleplaying Style Flag"... so it may be that they only show if both are on)

    i have heard from two people now that after downloading 0.5.9 (they haven't used 0.5.8 before) can't add friends to the FlagRSP Friend List... it works fine for me, but i did have 0.5.8 and just replaced all the files with the 0.5.9... so i guess a file may be missing in the 0.5.9

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    By: Deantwo - 06-19-07 06:25 AM
    ooh and my friend that i had download FlagRSP 0.5.9 said that he was being spammed with text when he went into combat

    and he couldn't see peoples description, last names, or anything...

    but will the "/script Friendlist.InitializeData()" help all this?????
    By: Deantwo - 06-20-07 12:51 PM
    ok... now i am being spammed with error text every time i fight... i am not gonna try and copy it... it's a lot of text at once... but it didn't do this the day before yesterday...

    ooh and... i was telling my friend that he should try and do "/script Friendlist.InitializeData()" to see if it helped... and it did... he can now add friends to the FlagRSP Friend List...

    then i ended up doing "/script Friendlist.InitializeData()" too... i didn't mean to cause mine was working fine... it just deleted my whole FlagRSP Friend List!!!!! good thing i had a backup on my USB...

    well... just for the last thing... Given Names... they don't seem to show in the Tooltip if it's a Given Name that you have put for the person (meaning the person doesn't have a RSP AddOn)... ooh yeah and Given Names aren't hiden when you have Hide Names on...
    By: Dalarond - 05-27-08 02:12 PM
    Friendlist import does not work with 0.6.0 even on a virgin machine which has never had flagrsp installed before. 0.6.0 might use less memory but 0.5.8 was the last version that worked the best for me.