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    Not being able to Add Friends to the FlagRSP Friend List
    Bug #: 3846
    File: flagRSP BC
    Date: 07-29-07 08:05 AM
    By: Deantwo
    Status: Unconfirmed
    not being able to Add Friends to the FlagRSP Friend List?...
    well read here...

    this is a bug that is with the new 0.5.9 of FlagRSP the first time you use it... but don't go right back and Download 0.5.8 just yet cause it can be very easyly fixed... all you have to do is:
    when you are in the just type this / command
    /script Friendlist.InitializeData()
    after you have done this it should work normaly

    if you already have it working fine and you can Add Friends... then don't do this / command cause it will most likely delete your whole FlagRSP Friend List (i did it once...)

    i think i have heard that you have to do the / command for each character you wanna use it on... (i only have one character so i haven't tried this...)