11-25-06 04:21 PM by: Gello
The big 2.0 client patch is upon us. This is a list of some mods and a link to the 2.0 version or their status:
Adapt : here
AutoRack : here
BestBuff : No longer developed, in the default UI.
Bookmark : here
EquippedMacroIcons : here however it has taint issues if you're a pet user
HitList : No longer developed, the primary purpose (creating a clickable target history) is no longer possible in combat.
ItemRack : here (1.99 version)
Recap : Not ready. Realistic time for this is after BC launches. It's a big mod.
Smooth StatusBars : Requires research into metatable methods. No ETA for fix.
SnapToGrid : Requires research into metatable methods. No ETA for fix.
TinyPad : here
Transmogrifier : Not ready unfortunately. It has some possibly unavoidable taint issues.
TrinketMenu : here
As you can imagine, the BC changes threw a huge wrench into the scope of the ItemRack 2.0 project. I still want to bring the focus back to the bar aspect of the mod, but I've had to toss the "FFA" slots idea. Instead of incorporating bagged items into the mod, I've decided to let AutoRack be the mod to handle bagged items and keep ItemRack focused on swapping worn gear. FFA slots were such a huge part of the rewrite that I went ahead and began another rewrite a few weeks ago. Fortunately this has given me a lot more freedom to use the new API to its fullest.

A revised feature list for 2.0:
  • The bar is now separated into buttons that you can drag and dock to each other in any configuration you want. You can have your trinkets on the side of the screen, your weapons in the middle of the screen and your armor along the bottom of the screen.
  • You can dock the menu around to any corner of button groups just like in TrinketMenu.
  • You can turn on an Auto Queue for any slot. Sort items in the order you want, turn on the Auto Queue for the slot, then it will swap to the first available item that comes off cooldown.
  • Auto Queue setups can be saved as part of a set, so that equipping a tanking set can switch to a tank-oriented auto queue.
  • When at a bank, items and sets banked show in the menu with a blue border. Click them to pull from bank to bags. Click an unbanked item or set to push it to bank.
  • If you don't use the bar, you can remove its files and not carry its baggage around. If you don't use events, you can remove its files also.
  • Sets are built without actually swapping gear. This allows you to change sets while in combat (probably not the best time to do it) and also deal with sets with missing pieces. (ie, if you get a FR piece out in the field but FR set is in bank)
  • Sets and individual items are bordered to reflect their state: blue border is banked, red border means some pieces are missing.
  • When the set build window appears, it will start with the last set equipped.
  • A much more reliable EquipSet that will handle changing enchants/gems better as well as minor things like 1h+offhand -> 2h swaps being instant instead of two passes.
  • Every set can be bound to keys, which will obey the option to toggle the set instead of always equip.
  • Memory use will be drastically lower when complete. Along with the sets/events/options screen being made Load On Demand, the mod is rewritten from the ground up.