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ITEMRACK_ITEMUSED and ITEMRACK_NOTIFY not firing when using /use <item> in a macro
Bug #: 3006
File: ItemRack
Date: 01-07-07 05:20 PM
By: Satsh
Status: Unconfirmed
The following event:

Delay 0
if arg1=="Zandalarian Hero Charm" then DoMyNiftyCode() end

will NOT fire when I do "/use Zandalarian Hero Charm" in a macro,
but it WILL fire if I drag the ZHC into a button and activate it.

Any clue why that would happen?

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By: Gello - 01-07-07 11:52 PM
Corrected in next version. Thanks!
By: Satsh - 01-13-07 02:31 PM
Sweet, let the new version be coming ;-)