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Misinteraction with Omni Cooldown Count
Bug #: 3205
File: Trinket Menu
Date: 01-24-07 01:40 PM
By: KnThrak
Status: Unconfirmed
Since the v3-branch was released, TrinketMenu hovers above the Cooldown text Omni Cooldown Count displays. Now normally I'd post that there, only that in this case of all the what-do-I-not-know-how-many bar-style addons I have on my screen only TrinketMenu is "too high" in the Strata, kinda.

So I figured it's "easier" on a global level if the TrinketMenu Strata gets lowered or the interaction fixed (if it's a different thing) than if the whole OmniCC gets bumped up. :rolleyes:

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By: Gello - 01-27-07 06:46 PM
On dock to fix. Thanks!