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Avatar background "transparent" setting does not save session-to-session
Bug #: 5140
File: Adapt - Almost-Default Animated Portraits
Date: 11-13-08 11:51 AM
By: Aesir
Status: Unconfirmed
Relevant to Adapt_1_82b.zip from WoWI:

Set option to display avatar background in config pagel to "Transparent".
Close the config panel and then open it again.
The option checkbox displays as deselected.
When next entering the game or reloading the UI, you will see that the background is no longer transparent despite selecting that option.

Second issue (though I cannot repro this on demand):
Sometimes you are prompted by Adapt to reload the UI. For example, when changing *only* the avatar background transparency setting, I am sometimes prompted to reload the UI, and sometimes I am not. I do not see a pattern here, but I suspect there is a problem with how the GUI config panel for Adapt is writing to the saved variables file and settings it's internal flags for /console reloadui. For this reason, I suspect the Transparent option not 'sticking' is related to this issue.

Thank you.

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By: Aesir - 11-20-08 07:00 PM
I updated my original forum post with information that demonstrates the issue reported is due to a UI addon. See here for more information.