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Titans Grip Bug + Patch
Bug #: 5565
File: ItemRack
Date: 03-30-09 09:53 AM
By: Krakagore
Status: Unconfirmed
(Sorry, but I am submitting this a second time because it didn't show up on the list yet, but I hadn't "activated" my account here yet. Disregard if you have to approve of them first)

Seems that in the ItemRack.lua for Warrior with Titans grip, it was miss counting the talents for me and always considering the number 26 instead of 27. Also, the if...then...else seemed to be doing slot 17 in the titan's grip, but slot 18 in the else part, when mainhand = 16 and offhand = 17.

Below is the new warrior block that I have, seems to work fine finally. And I now can also pick 2h's in my offhand from the character sheet dropdown!!


if class=="WARRIOR" then
if select(5,GetTalentInfo(2,27))>0 then
ItemRack.HasTitansGrip = 1
ItemRack.SlotInfo[16].INVTYPE_2HWEAPON = 1
ItemRack.SlotInfo[17].INVTYPE_2HWEAPON = 1
ItemRack.HasTitansGrip = nil
ItemRack.SlotInfo[16].INVTYPE_2HWEAPON = 1
ItemRack.SlotInfo[17].INVTYPE_2HWEAPON = nil

Anyways, you probably know more. Im not sure if I should technically force slot 16 (mainhand) to 2HWEAPON = 1, but meh. Its not like its actually checking first to see if I have the 2h skill anyways.

Well, hope that helps all you titan's grip people out there. Look forward to an update soon. Thanks for the mod and hopefully it wont all be useless by next week when it gets built into wow (yes/no?). l8r

Krakagore (Eldre'Thalas)