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Buff Bug
Bug #: 5882
File: ItemRack
Date: 06-05-09 08:00 AM
By: Draon_uk
Status: Unconfirmed
I'm a shadowstep rogue and found this bug with with the Events - Buff option.

When in stealth i get itemrack to switch to my daggers for ambush, when out it switchs back to my sword. This works fine. The issues occures here:

I have the same event setup so when i enter "Shadow Dance" it equips my dagger so i'm able to ambush spam. When shadow dance ends it equips my sword.

The bug/issue is that when i use Shadowstep it (i gain two temporary buffs, both called Shadowstep), when one of those Buffs ENDS it equips my sword. The Buff option seems to only be matching the first word upto the space. It sees "shadow" and then "has ended" and just equips the sword.