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Change order of weapon equipping (1h+shield->2h).
Feature #: 1125
File: ItemRack
Date: 07-27-06 08:25 AM
By: Cogwheel
Status: Under Review
I have ItemRack set up to switch between 2h and 1h+shield depending on stance (berserk & battle use 2h). When my opponent dodges, I switch to battle stance to Overpower him, but instead of equipping my 2h, ItemRack un-equips my shield and then switches my 1h for my 2h thereby doubling the cooldown of the item switch.

As I figure it, ItemRack should merely equip the 2h weapon from the get-go, since WoW will automatically remove the shield.

PS. I tried using the "Overpower" event, but it didn't seem to work. /shrug

Other than that, this is by far the greatest equipment addon I've tried. :D