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ID Bug Date By Status Notes
3037 Items not moving from new bank bag slots 01-10-07 10:18 AM Aileen Unconfirmed
By: Aileen
01-11-07 09:35 PM
3041 Stutter on equipment-change 01-10-07 03:56 PM KnThrak Unconfirmed
By: Gello
01-11-07 03:59 AM
Trinket Menu
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
3205 Misinteraction with Omni Cooldown Count 01-24-07 01:40 PM KnThrak Unconfirmed
By: Gello
01-27-07 06:46 PM
Adapt - Almost-Default Animated Portraits
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
3496 Undead's head is cut off. 03-31-07 12:41 AM Sok Unconfirmed None.
ItemRack 2.16 (Old version dont download)
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
3515 Idol swap not displaying other idols. 04-05-07 03:21 AM Meresin Unconfirmed None.
3828 No Idol Support? 07-20-07 06:44 AM Fritty Unconfirmed None.
3926 Problem equipping a two handed weapon 09-23-07 04:32 AM Brodrick Unconfirmed None.
3927 Off Hand has no "empty" button option 09-23-07 04:41 AM Brodrick Unconfirmed
By: Brodrick
09-23-07 05:08 AM
3928 Two handers can be set to the Off Hand slot in the ItemRack UI 09-23-07 04:45 AM Brodrick Unconfirmed None.
3929 Off Hand can be selected when a two handed weapon is already selected for the Main Hand 09-23-07 04:48 AM Brodrick Unconfirmed None.