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Misscalculation of Rogue AP with subtelity talents
Bug #: 3610
File: RatingBuster
Date: 05-18-07 09:04 AM
By: dumax
Status: Unconfirmed
There is a little bug in agi to AP for the rogue using both 'deadliness' and 'Sinister Calling'.

Only deadliness is used whereas WoW does use both talents.

Rating buster :
AP = AGI * 'Deadliness mod'

WoW Client (stat sheet) :
AP = AGI * 'Sinister Calling mod' * 'Deadliness mod'

have fun ;)

PS : I saw that StaticLib was not yet translated to frFR locale. If you need a hand on this I can help.

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By: dumax - 05-18-07 11:01 AM
Shame on me !

Forgot 'Statmod' unchecked ...