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Feral attack power display/calculation bug
Bug #: 7243
File: RatingBuster
Date: 02-08-11 07:04 AM
By: goosh
Status: Unconfirmed
Hey there,

first of all I have to admit that WoW would be less enjoyable without RatingBuster. Thank you very, very much for this addon.

Now for the problem: While playing a Feral Druide, I observed a display or calculation bug regarding (feral) attack power, which is latterly based on agility. The relevant values are not displayed properly in the comparision frame - may also be calculated wrong.

A picture says more than thousand words: http://morbid.de/rating-buster-bug.jpg

As you can see, the agility values are different, but attack power does not change. Interestingly, when I equip a such item, equip the old one again and compare then, the values are displayed correctly.

I - and of course all other users of this addon - would appreciate if you look into this problem. Thank you in advance and keep up the good work!

I am using RatingBuster 1.6.2.

regards goosh