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elite graphic not showing up
Bug #: 6735
File: TipTop
Date: 09-05-10 06:32 PM
By: claudekennilol
Status: Confirmed (Working on Fix)
I'm not getting the elite graphic to show up around the edge on two different computers. One has had it installed for a while and the other I just installed it. So at least one is definitely the newest version.

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By: Seerah - 09-05-10 08:23 PM
Did you try it with TipTop being the only addon you have enabled? Are you getting an error? Any more information?
By: claudekennilol - 09-08-10 09:46 AM
Actually, I have a bit more info. I haven't tried it with only tiptop enabled. But it looks like the gold elites are working and the silver (rare) elites are not. Depending on where I am, next time I find a rare mob I'll log out and see what happens with only tiptop enabled
By: Aoon - 12-06-14 01:15 AM
I know one issue with the elite graphic being shown on non-elite mobs. If you have an elite mob tooltip up then mouseover a non-elite the elitetexture never gets hidden. Your code only hides the texture when it's created in appendices() but it should hide everytime that's called as that function will decide if it needs to be shown again.

if db.elite and not elitetexture then
elitetexture = TipTop:CreateTexture(nil, "OVERLAY")
elitetexture:SetPoint("CENTER", TipTop, "TOPLEFT", 8, -18)
-- the code below will decide if this needs to be shown
By: Seerah - 12-06-14 01:17 PM
Thanks for looking. I honestly hadn't had a chance yet / forgot. >.< It used to work fine pre-6.0. Something changed with how the tooltips are generated/shown or the events that fire.