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Elite Graphic on Non-Elite units/players
Bug #: 8207
File: TipTop
Date: 10-24-14 11:17 AM
By: Gridspace
Status: Unconfirmed

Found another small bug. When mousing over an Elite unit, and quickly moving the mouse to another unit that is not a Elite, the Elite graphic will remain on the tooltip. This only seems to happen when you move from unit to unit without allowing the tooltip to fade out. Please see the screenshot image where I replicated this bug with a Warlock player stood next to a Flightmaster.


Note: I managed to recreate this with Version: 2.14 with clean Interface and WTF folders.


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By: Seerah - 10-24-14 01:31 PM
I wonder if this would have the same fix as the other issue... Something changed with 6.0 and I haven't quite figured out what yet. But I will.