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Tooltip briefly appears in location of previous tooltip
Bug #: 8488
File: TipTop
Date: 07-20-16 04:32 PM
By: How2pingu
Status: Game Bug (Cant fix)
Hey. This may seem a bit confusing, but this is what I'm experiencing:

On the latest version of Tiptop (for patch 7.0.3), whenever I mouseover something the tooltip shows as usual. However, on the next thing I mouseover the tooltip briefly appears in the location of the last tooltip, before moving over to the correct location. So basically, for a split second you have a tooltip appearing in the incorrect position.

One thing I've noticed about this is that it seems to only be occurring with things I mouseover in the world. So say, NPCs, players, benches (or other objects), and so on. I've tested it with item tooltips and spell tooltips and haven't noticed them having this issue.

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By: Seerah - 07-20-16 08:55 PM
Hmm... It appears that the tooltip has no position (nil) when it is shown, which is why the TipTop bg appears in its previous location. When the tooltip's position is set, then the TipTop bg jumps to its location.
By: Seerah - 07-20-16 09:18 PM
I've posted in the bug forum about this. If the jumping bothers you, you can set the tooltip to display in a static location for now.
By: How2pingu - 10-27-16 03:25 AM
This is fixed in the latest patch (7.1).
By: Seerah - 10-27-16 03:13 PM
Excellent, thank you. I had forgotten to check.