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Right clicking calendar invite and accepting does not make ? stop flash
Bug #: 8689
File: PocketPlot
Date: 04-29-17 01:11 PM
By: ceylina
Status: Unconfirmed
So this is most likely not anything you cna take care of since I am pretty sure this is on Blizzard's end but you use

	GameTimeFrame:SetAlpha(0)	--calendar button (old day/night indicator)  --Set alpha to 0 so that it's still hidden, but we'll see the ? flash for new invites
	GameTimeCalendarInvitesTexture:SetParent("Minimap")	 --the ? texture
To show new calendar invites.

This issue is if you open the calendar and right click a pending invite without actually opening the invite and select accept invite, it will not make the flash texture hide until a reload or if you open the calendar invite and change the status there.

However if you set to say remove the invite by right clicking without actually opening initially, it stops the flashing ? texture from showing.

SO... it seems that the right click option either drastically changed, became protected and hidden, or it is bugged when you manipulate the gametime frame.