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Tooltip Sizing with new name option
Bug #: 8864
File: TipTop
Date: 09-27-18 11:06 AM
By: ajt2112
Status: Fixed
When enabling short names (removing realm names, titles, etc) the tooltip will stay the size of what the width would of been without the shortening.

I'm not sure if this is something you would count as a bug or not, but thought I would bring it up either way!

I've got around it for now setting the tooltips width to the highest string width on mouseover update and that seems to be good enough for me at least though :)

Thanks again for the great addon! Love it!

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By: Seerah - 09-27-18 11:49 AM
Oh, yeah - I thought about that and then forgot to add something in to take care of it. ><
By: Seerah - 09-28-18 04:23 PM
Now that I'm checking for it, I'm not seeing that as an issue.
By: ajt2112 - 09-28-18 10:52 PM
Hmm that's odd. I just clean installed the addon/variables again and set it up how I would have it and the same thing happens.

So I did a bit of digging to check. If you were to disable all your "Other Stuff" options on your setup other than "Short Name" I believe you would have a similar result to me.

Having a very quick look at the source it looks like potentially the tt:Show() function in some of the extra functions making the tooltip resize correctly, when otherwise it wouldn't with the Short Name and others disabled.

I did a quick test of that as well - https://streamable.com/pc85f

By: ajt2112 - 09-28-18 10:57 PM
I realised my test example wasn't the best, it's hard to find people with super long names at this early of an hour.

Here's a bit better of an example instead: https://streamable.com/ceq71
By: Seerah - 09-29-18 02:32 PM
Ah, that would be a good catch. I'll look through it again.