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Separate Temp Enchants, Disable Time Remaining Bar Option, Spacing
Feature #: 4494
File: ShinyBuffs
Date: 09-27-11 04:21 PM
By: Luceo
Status: Under Review
A couple of feature requests: The temporary weapon enchants run together with the standard buffs and overlap, so could they be separated? An option to disable the time remaining bar would be nice, since I think it redundant when the timer is displayed. Also, being able to tighten the spacing up would be grand.

Thanks, great mod!

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By: Seerah - 09-27-11 07:42 PM
Just an fyi, for the future, two feature requests = two feature request tickets. One bug report = one bug report ticket.

Do they overlap? I thought that I tested for overlapping... Have you changed anything in relation to size in the options? And just to be thorough, did you disable all addons but ShinyBuffs to ensure that this was the cause? (Perhaps something changed in Blizz's code since I made this... /shrug)

I won't be adding an option to disable the status bar. That was one whole reason why I created the addon and why I originally modded haste's Furbish. If I added an option to disable it, it would require tons of other code and bug testing to account for that and reposition/resize everything else in the addon.

I'll think about spacing.
By: Luceo - 09-28-11 06:15 PM
Apologies for the megaticket; first time I've used the system. The issue with overlapping persists with only ShinyBuffs enabled. I believe I'm still using the default icon size, but I noticed when I tried it tonight that it appears to result from a rogue's poisoned weapon slot. As I poison the main hand, off hand, and ranged in succession, the gap between the temp enchants and the first regular buff gets smaller until they overlap with the third icon in the temp enchant section. Hope that helps track it down!
By: Seerah - 09-28-11 09:58 PM
Thank you for coming back with more information.
By: Seerah - 09-28-11 10:30 PM
Try the version I just uploaded. It accounts for the spacing between the icons which I had forgotten about before.
By: Luceo - 09-29-11 06:45 PM
That fixed it, thanks!