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Need/Greed numbers for GroupLoot
Feature #: 4581
File: LovelyLoot
Date: 08-29-12 02:53 PM
By: Miu
Status: Under Review
I was looking for a new map addon, and found your pocketplot, was love at first sight :)
I started looking through other addons to add to my set from your list and checked out LovelyLoot.

Addon looks nice, but I was wondering if an old lootframe feature I haven't been able to find in a nice lootframe addon could be added.

It's just a number near the need/greed/other buttons indicating how many in your raid have selected the corresponding option. Mousing over the number could produce a tooltip list of the players choosing that option too (and even class-colored!) but that's pretty fancy already. Even just the number would be great :>