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Feature #: 4665
File: TipTop
Date: 10-13-13 05:00 AM
By: yadayada
Status: Under Review
Hi there, nice one for the add on, good stuff! Thanks. Any chance of being able to turn off titles (and maybe realm), of players? Reason being is that titles can make the box really big sometimes and a big box for a tooltip irks me.

Cheers again, wow actually gives me a headache without a cursor-anchored tooltip, so mucho thankso! ;-)

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By: Seerah - 10-13-13 02:27 PM
Usually, I say "no" for this request, as it involves more tooltip scanning and replacing of lines. If I were just building my own custom tooltip, it'd be no big deal, but I'm reusing the default tooltip widget.

But I will reconsider this request again, since titles keep getting longer and longer, and seeing people from other realms is ever more common...