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No NPC class colors and percent with health abbreviation.
Feature #: 4685
File: TipTop
Date: 05-07-14 04:46 AM
By: SantiagoSkywall
Status: Under Review
NPC class is shown as warrior instead of none with just the standard green color for NPCs.

When I activate health bar class colors, borders, or icon it shows NPCs as warriors. This is a problem because the usefulness of class colors is to spot other player classes quickly.

Having NPCs showing up as warrior brown is confusing since the default UI's nameplates color NPCs without class colors and reserves it only for the player classes.
This addon's health bar text is nice, but I would like to have the percent with health option's numbers be abbreviated.

e.g. (100%) 467k / 467k or (25%) 25000 / 100k or (10%) 100k / 1000k or (1%) 990k / 99M IIRC...

Just following the format of the default unit frames percent and health text option 'both'.

These are my ideas anyway, thank you for the wonderful addon.