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Please make compatible.
Feature #: 4694
File: ShinyBuffs
Date: 09-29-14 05:28 PM
By: Mindleglalaxy
Status: Under Review
Hi Seerah.

I was hoping you would be able to make your add on compatible with Shadow Unit Frames please? I have asked the other author as well incase it is at their end and not yours or maybe a bit of both? Please let me know which end it is and I will focus my attention there. I have a feeling it will be their end but I await your reply and I hope you see this sooner rather than later? Thanks for such an awesome add on it is a beauty as is Shadow Unit Frames and it would mean a lot to me to have both working. I use to use it for a long time then went to X-perl where your add on has no problems at all. With Shadow Unit Frames I can move the frames but they default to the standard blizzard buffs etc. I prefer Shadow Unit Frames over x-perl by a lot.

Thanks in advance :banana:

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By: Seerah - 09-29-14 09:32 PM
All ShinyBuffs does is skin the default buffs and allow you to move them.

If Shadowed Unit Frames is altering the buffs when you wish to use a normal buff addon, then there should be a way to disable handling of the buffs.

Or are you getting a Lua error? I guess I'm not clear on what you are saying.
By: Mindleglalaxy - 09-29-14 10:04 PM
No not getting any Lua errors. All that happens is when I use Shadow Unit Frames I end up with the stock standard blizzard buff frames and I lose your skinning of the buffs. However I can stilll use your options to move the buff frame but that is all that works. If I use standard blizzard Unit Frames or X-perl Unit Frames your add on works perfectly and the buffs get skinned as intended. I hope what I am saying makes some sought of sense?

I think it is going to be more a Shadow Unit Frames issue that I am hoping the add on author will be recepitve and help me out. As soon as I use his add on your skinning goes away