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Arrow Keys don't work in Editbox
Feature #: 4851
File: ChipperChat
Date: 07-30-16 07:48 PM
By: Kabuto-eu
Status: Feature Implemented
Could you enable the arrows to function in the editbox without the use of Alt?
When coming from other chat mods it was difficult to adjust to using alt+arrow to edit text like in vanilla wow!

I've provided a code snippet that works but you might want to enable it via your options lua over this direct hack

after line 74 in cc.lua.

70 local CCskinned = {}
71 local function SetUpWindow(frame)
72	if _G[frame] and not CCskinned[frame] then
73		--local ebheight = ChatFrame1EditBox:GetHeight()
74		local eb, btmbtn = _G[frame.."EditBox"]
75              eb:SetAltArrowKeyMode(false)