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Expand time options and shrink garrison button
Feature #: 4913
File: PocketPlot
Date: 02-06-17 03:42 PM
By: ceylina
Status: Wont add Feature
Two requests here

The first isto shrink the garrison button by around 25%. It is really large and it would be nice to reduce it in line with the other minimap buttons.

The second would be to enable options to expand the time past just the hour and minute

Perhaps adding the ability to change it to AM/PM and maybe add shortened date options as well.

This second option is not really anything needed, just a wish list.

The first (garrison icon) I think is more of a need due to how big it is.


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By: Seerah - 02-07-17 09:42 PM
Sorry, but modifying the size of that button is beyond the scope I envision for PocketPlot. You may move the button to a more convenient location on your screen using its "mover" in PocketPlot, or use one of several addons designed to hide/replace it.

I will also not be adding any functionality to the clock. The clock you see is the clock from the default UI, just moved and reskinned. You can change it to AM/PM format by clicking the clock to open the clock settings