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Disable class icons, unit name colours, and border colours for NPCs
Feature #: 4914
File: TipTop
Date: 02-20-17 06:18 PM
By: sh77
Status: Feature Implemented
First of all can I thank you for this addon - I honestly couldn't see me playing WoW without it!

I would love a feature where I could disable class icons and name/tooltip border colours for NPCs only.

Not sure if this is possible - seems all addons with this kind of feature have the same issue (i.e. NPCs being classified as mainly Warriors or Paladins).

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By: Seerah - 02-22-17 08:09 PM
It's not that it's an "issue" that addons have, it's that this is how Blizzard classifies NPCs - it is based on what type of abilities they have.

I could add and option to disable icons ad border color for NPCs. I do not touch the name coloring, however, and that is strictly default UI code there, unless you have another addon changing it. The default UI colors names in the tooltop based on reaction - red for hostile, yellow for neutral, green for friendly.