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"Locate World of Warcraft Application" won't work.
Bug #: 4253
File: WoWInterface UI Manager - Generic (Linux/Macintosh)
Date: 02-18-08 06:47 PM
By: Guppeth
Status: Flagged for Future Version
When I run the Manager for the first time it asks me to locate my WoW app, but when I navigate to the app (in /Applications/Games/World of Warcraft/) and select it, it just reopens the window asking me to locate the app... This happens if I select the WoW directory and also if I select the WoW app.

Mac OS 10.4.11

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By: Shirik - 02-18-08 07:55 PM
Just to verify - you are selecting "WoW.exe" and not "Launcher.exe," correct? Also, is your Addons folder already created?

This may be linked to another issue that I am aware of. Let me know the answers to those two questions and I will investigate whether or not this is connected.

Thanks for the report,
-- Shirik
By: Guppeth - 02-18-08 08:33 PM
The addons folder is there, yes. I'm selecting the main WoW executable, however it is called "World of Warcraft.app" on the Mac.
By: Shirik - 02-19-08 12:16 PM
I really wish I had a Mac so I could test this right now Unfortunately I don't.

Can you tell me the exact path of your Addons folder? With this I might be able to provide you a temporary workaround while I figure out where the cause of the problem is.

-- Shirik
By: Guppeth - 02-19-08 02:44 PM
Certainly, it's

/Applications/Games/World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons
By: Shirik - 02-24-08 02:40 PM
I apologize for the long delay, but I am still researching this.

I have found a few places that may be of note, I just need to actually get down and test these cases. Is "World of Warcraft.app" inside the "/Applications/Games/World of Warcraft" folder? Sorry, I'm just not 100% sure of the folder structure on Macintosh (never have really, considering "World of Warcraft.app" and every other program is actually a folder in reality, which may be confusing the application, and already confuses me :P but I'll have to get that to work).
By: Guppeth - 02-24-08 05:41 PM
Yes it is.

I've done a little testing of my own. If I move the "World of Warcraft" folder from "/Applications/Games" to "/Applications" it fixes the problem. It's no great hardship for me to keep the WoW folder there, although apps like JWowUpdater and WOWmapview have been able to find my WoW installation in /Games before.

I hope that helps you. If not, at least there's a simple workaround.
By: Shirik - 03-23-08 12:57 PM
Okay, well, I can think of a workaround. You should have a config.wic file in the folder in which the updater is installed. Look for a line that indicates where your WoW folder is and change it to /Applications/Games.

Let me know if that solves the problem for now.

-- Shirik

P.S. Again, sorry this is taking so long, but this is a difficult bug for me to reproduce.
By: Morbidtaste - 03-26-08 12:55 PM
Hi, I'm also having this problem, and thought I'd jump in myself.

Firstly, I'd like to mention that I do NOT have a config.wic file in the updater folder, so I could not attempt your workaround.

Secondly, I have several volumes on my computer, and my WoW build is in a volume other than the boot disk volume. Could this be a contributing factor?

By: Guppeth - 03-29-08 08:18 PM
I tracked down the config.wic file, it's actually in
so this should be helpful to you, Morbidtaste.

Editing this file to contain the correct location of WoW works fine for me. It'll work even if WoW is on another volume. (If you need to know the correct path to enter, do a "Get info" on the WoW app and it will be shown near the top.)

So now I can run the updater, and keep WoW where I want it. Thanks! (I hope this helps you find a less fiddly solution, Shirik)
By: Shirik - 03-30-08 12:05 AM
That explains a lot; thanks for the info. Now it makes a little more sense to me

This is planned to be added in the 0.3 release.

-- Shirik
By: Shirik - 04-27-08 03:16 PM
Details on patch are in BID 4487, will be implemented in 0.3