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No Addons listed on linux
Bug #: 4398
File: WoWInterface UI Manager - Generic (Linux/Macintosh)
Date: 04-02-08 03:17 AM
By: Ebnot
Status: Confirmed (Working on Fix)
Just ran your program on ubuntu linux, JRE 1.6.0_03. I select the path to the Application (gets listed as "/home/user/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/World of Warcraft" in config.wic, which is correct), enter my login but after that nothing seems to happen. It does not detect a single addon I have installed (and there are quite a few). The log-files don't seem to be very helpful. Anything else I could check?

p.s.: Please change the application folder from ~/wowiupdater to ~/.wowiupdater - that's how apps are supposed to store their settings under linux. Thanks.

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By: Shirik - 04-02-08 06:19 AM
RE: The application folder, that can be done no problem.

RE: Addon detection, is there nothing listed in the addon registration screen? (Click on the menu, file->register addons). Addons are not automatically registered because of technical issues for the time being -- I'm working on this one.
By: Ebnot - 04-03-08 11:47 AM
Nope, nothing there as well. This is how it looks for me: http://extern.tribut.de/bug-reports/wowiupdater-noaddons.png
By: Ebnot - 04-05-08 05:00 AM
Dug a little bit into the code. Seems the WoW installer creates the directory Interface/AddOns while your program looks for Interface/Addons (different folders under linux!). Here is a patch that fixes this problem: http://extern.tribut.de/bug-reports/wowiupdater-Main.java-casesensitive.diff
The Program now appears to work fine for me!
By: Shirik - 04-07-08 12:47 AM
Thanks. Actually someone had told me about this a while back, but I completely forgot. This is why I ask people to write up bug reports!

Sorry for the late response again, I was at a competition last week. Thanks for the report, this will be in the 0.3 release.

-- Shirik
By: kr0n1x - 10-13-08 11:23 AM
for users which didn't use a .diff file in past, you have to do these steps to patch the application:
1. download the patch and put it in your wowiumanager folder;
2. open a terminal and apply the patch:
cd WoWUIfolder <--- write your folder name, my one was "wowuimgr_0_2_10_generic"
patch -p0 < wowiupdater-Main.java-casesensitive.diff

thx for fix
By: kr0n1x - 10-13-08 11:27 AM
mmm I noticed that now the application gives me an error without any detail. I'm not able to list addons in WoWIUmanager...

Probably I'll have to rename the addon folder when I'll need to update my addons... and rename again to load them in WoW client.