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Fix for OSX Application Loop
Bug #: 4487
File: WoWInterface UI Manager - Generic (Linux/Macintosh)
Date: 04-27-08 03:12 PM
By: Kyahx
Status: Already Reported
Two small fixes to make the UI Updater work properly on OSX

532 |            if (fc.getSelectedFile().exists())
532 |            if (fc.getSelectedFile().getParentFile().exists())
The problem is OSX is that the selector returns "/path/to/World of Warcraft/World of Warcraft" when selecting the app, but then fails the .exists() check becuase the real file is "/path/to/World of Warcraft/World of Warcraft.app".

This is avoided by simply checking the parent folder right away (it dosent really matter if the user selects the WoW app, or the launcher, or whatever...as long as their in the right folder) and falling back on the "REL_EXISTING" check to verify its truely the wow folder.

169 |    public static final String REL_EXISTING = "Cache";
I also suggest changing "Cache" to "Data/common.mpq". As the Data folder is the only thing required for the WoW to run (allthou simply checking for a folder named Data dosent seem bulletproof, hence the common.mpq)

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By: Shirik - 04-27-08 03:15 PM
This is related to BID 4253