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Internal error when trying to install gatherer
Bug #: 4739
File: WoWInterface UI Manager - Windows
Date: 09-21-08 11:09 PM
By: strobert
Status: Unconfirmed
okya, trying to try this out since wowaceupdater is going away. just need something simple to handle checking for addon updates, downloading and unpacking them. this sounded like it would do the trick. needed to make a wowinterface.com account (which btw I figured out quickly enough, but would have been nice in the FAQ on the tool to document that) and pick my addons as favorites, but not a huge deal.

I started with a fairly small set:
Perl Classic Unit Frames
Auctioneer Full 5.0.0 Suite (Preview)
AtlasLoot Enhanced

seemed to go mostly okay. a bit funky to have to confirm it found the right download when it grabbed it from my favories, but I'll accept quirks.

gatherer however got an internal error, and tried a few things but it persisted. so as requested by the tool I am filing a bug report.

I unpacked gatherer manually. then tried to do the local import using WowiUpdater. it found it it on wowinterface then decided to DL it again. it thought it was a new version (author listed was differet from my manual unpack and what wowiupdater saw). install failed again.

I know a new version is in the works. how far is it out? if soon and this is detlt with in there, works for me.

Also, looks like the src is bundled with it. if you could through some quick build instructions my way I may take a look at the code. Or are you just running javac's on each .java file. My java is a bit rusty but I'm willing to try...

from the error.log:
*** 2008-08-21_12-24-12-125 TRAP > 42
Exception [2008-08-21_12-24-12-125] in thread "AUP-Gatherer": java.lang.NullPointerException ==> null
at wowiupdater.AddonUpdateProcess.AddSavedVars(AddonUpdateProcess.java:1468)
at wowiupdater.AddonUpdateProcess.BackupAndDelete(AddonUpdateProcess.java:1220)
at wowiupdater.AddonUpdateProcess.UIReplace(AddonUpdateProcess.java:808)
at wowiupdater.AddonUpdateProcess.run(AddonUpdateProcess.java:414)
at java.lang.Thread.run(null:-1)