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Username or Password is not correct
Bug #: 5267
File: WoWInterface UI Manager - Windows
Date: 12-12-08 02:29 AM
By: Sizyphe
Status: Unconfirmed
Hi there,
I have installed the manager and the problem is in the title...
I have installed this manager on another PC running XP, and it works fine. On the problematic computer, this is the configuration:
Windows Vista Home, WoW is on the D:/ Drive. I have installed the manager on C:/, having the problem of password, so decide to uninstall it, and re-install it on the D: , but same problem.
Of course, I've tried with case differences in case of the user is case sensitive... But nothing !
Just during installation, I have discovered that JAVA was not installed. So, I've gone to the Java Web Site and install the latest version.

Do you have an idea ? This soft is mostly perfect for me (about 20 - 24 add-ons to manage...), and I want it to work on Vista...