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WoWAce.com Compatability
Feature #: 2597
File: WoWInterface UI Manager - Windows
Date: 02-19-08 12:48 PM
By: Keali
Status: Flagged for Future Version
I would love to see this include the wowace.com repository for updating addons! I currently use the WAU utility, because I have a ton of Ace based addons that update through it. I honestly can't see myself using more then one such utility for updating addons, but I'd definitely use yours if it incorporated wowace.com addons along with the WoWInterface.com stuffs!



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By: Shirik - 02-20-08 11:58 AM
I will be speaking to the appropriate people soon about this request and get back to you when I have an answer from them I need to ask them before I start using it to connect, as it would both be using a tool that they provide to the public and put an extra strain that they may not expect on the server.

Thanks for the suggestion,
-- Shirik
By: Shirik - 02-20-08 11:24 PM
As an update, I have spoken with the Ace lead and he has authorized us to connect to the WoWAce SVN/File server on the condition that it does not become a "significant portion of the traffic." So this will be slated for a future release, though dependent upon the results, it may or may not have to be removed. Let's hope for the better

Marking as slated for 0.3

-- Shirik
By: Shirik - 02-26-08 07:29 AM
As an update, I am going to have to push this back to 0.4.0, sorry. 0.3.0 includes a few critical updates that I need to push out, and I still need to do some work on figuring out how I can connect to the WoWAce SVN while ensuring only stable things come through (or at least trying to ensure that).

The good news is that 0.4.0 is planned to be developed immediately after 0.3.0 is released, and this is the only update for it. I just wanted to separate this from the features of 0.3.0 because those features are that important. I still want this to go through, but I have to have priorities in line.

-- Shirik
By: ZeroFill - 03-16-08 05:44 PM
I take it this will be included in the generic option (OS X) as well?

As for the time to finish, we just appreciate you taking your time to make a much-needed app as this. From my point of view, I like the idea of a feature release and a fix-up release.