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Feature #: 2638
File: WoWInterface UI Manager - Generic (Linux/Macintosh)
Date: 03-16-08 05:57 PM
By: ZeroFill
Status: Under Review
A feature that may not be available until .9 or even 1...

Feature Request:
Allow us to login with our WoWInterface account and "sync" favorites from WoWInterface Updater. Allow us to specify which is and is not a favorite.

Why to specify which is and which isn't a favorite rather than making them all favorites --> Just testing some addons and using WOWIUpdater to install it for us.

Another use is to keep our addons "sync'd" across multiple computers.

Suggested Solution:
Perhaps there can be a new checkbox column "Sync" to tell the app to have this addon in our favorites on the website. Then when we update it will sync the addons or it could have a dedicated sync button.