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sraidframes plugin, or replacement
Feature #: 2681
File: Bongos Cornucopia
Date: 04-02-08 04:32 PM
By: qwksilver
Status: Awaiting Feedback
request. i currently use sraidframes, while this does what i want as far as functions (ie data from or2, buffs, debuffs, even skins) it doesn't let me lock the class bars togeth and anchorthem. like legos

i want to place Warrior, over Pally, Over Druid, Over Priest over Shammy, and then to the Right of that put Mage over Warlock over hunter over rogue. it would be nice to either have a mod that works to place and position the frames from sraidframes or a bongosraidframes that completely replaces the functionality of sraidframes, and adds the lego-lishesness of bongos. the frames would have to grow and shrink to accomidate changing groups, and be easily reorgranized should i choose to do so.

is it doable, and would you be willing to give it a go.

i would want the frames to be workable player target frames for integration to clique, or whatever else a player might want.

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By: jaliborc - 04-03-08 11:19 AM
In my personal opinion, I think that it makes more sense to include raid frames in Sage and not in Bongos.
But I don't want to make any decision before hearing what the other users think.
By: qwksilver - 04-13-08 03:27 PM
my specific request is for control over the placement of sraidframes. dynamic adjustment while out of combat. sage unit frames doesn't provide the ora2 integration i desire, and srf does. I just hate having to always be futzing with placement. I wouldn't mind the placement so much, if i could just snap the boxes all together.

i asked for the functionality be added straight to SRF and got no feedback at all.

so i thought bongoes would do a better job of it
By: jaliborc - 04-13-08 03:52 PM
Ok, 2 people asking for this feature... I may do it!

But I can't understand one thing:
Which is the dynamic adjustment you want? Being able to drag each class unit frames group individually?
By: qwksilver - 04-13-08 04:00 PM
just looked at sage again to make sure. it currently has no raid support. and although it acts like bongos in it's snap-to style it doesn't really apeal to me otherwise. i don't want to total kill the look of wow, i like my player/target/tot/pet/party frames as is.
By: jaliborc - 04-13-08 04:05 PM
Sage is modular. You don't need to replace the default unit frames. But let's wait for the other users opinion, Ok?