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Feature aimed for G:P3
Feature #: 3523
File: Ghost: Pulse
Date: 05-04-09 02:20 PM
By: Wiseguy
Status: Feature Implemented
Hey, first of, hands down to the awsome addon, been following gp3 and hopefully it will be as good as gp2 ;)

I have a request, and was wondering if its possible to add in single buffs to pop up instead of all of them..

Was aiming to have the Greatness buff pop up, to time it with divine plea for maximum mana, but i find it hard to configure to only show that select buff, and not everything i gain during a raid.

Hopefully you understand what im trying to explain ;)

Best regards,

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By: Wiseguy - 05-04-09 02:29 PM
Unable to delete this request, i found out 5 min after posting this, the feature i wanted.. Ignore this request, Sorry to waste your time
By: Footrot - 05-12-09 06:26 PM
This functionality is already in GP2 and GP3 (beta). Create a frame to show 'Player Buff Gains' then in that frame's whitelist place the name of the buff you want to show ('Greatness', no quotes). That frame will only ever show when the Greatness buff is granted unto you.