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A recipe tooltip tells me that an alt could learn the recipe when he already knows it, why ?
In 3.0.007, I added a recipe database that tells me which craft can be made out of a given recipe. This will considerably reduce the possibility of being confronted to this problem. If a recipe is not found in the DB, the addon will try to identify the craft by parsing the tooltip, using the method described below.

If you are confronted to this problem, please let me know specifically which recipe is impacted.


Two possible reasons:

1) You didn't open the profession window for that character yet.
2) You opened the profession window for that character, but there was an active filter (like "have materials", or a slot filter).

In both cases, the list of known recipes for that profession will be incomplete, you can check that in Recipes->Realm->Char->Profession.

If you can see the recipe, then the problem is most likely this:

The addon tries to match recipe names and known crafts, but sometimes names do not match. This may especially be the case in non english versions (I've seen it in the French version).


recipe name : "Schematic: Thorium Rifle"
craft name: "Engineering: Thorium Rifle"

If the bold part of these two names do not match exactly, then no match can be made. Working around this would imply keeping track of exceptions, which I do not intend to do, as this requires a lot of manual effort for little return.

If all this did not help explaining your problem, then there might be a bug to report :)