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04-29-08 12:08 PM by: Thaoky
Hi fellow altoholics !

Two bugs have just been fixed in the not yet released 2.4.012:

- The FuBar icon is finally ok when FuBar is installed, and hidden when it's not.
At the moment, the icon still shows for a split second after login, I hope to make this tiny glitch disappear when I'll be more familiar with FuBar (dev input welcome on this )

- Searching enchanting recipes was not working in .011.

I can't say yet when .012 will be released, but as you certainly noticed, I usually try to update about once-twice a week, depending on the progress I can make.

Here's a small list of the features I intend to implement soon:
  • An option to select another icon (Thanks to Quokka for the additional icons!)
  • A raid ID tracker (Thanks Quokka again for the suggestion)
  • Improve the quest tooltip to display which alt is on the linked quest
  • Finally redo the reputations frame

This was my first post on the portal, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the users for their patience and their valuable feedback