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05-04-08 11:45 AM by: Thaoky
Version 2.4.012 has just been uploaded. I focused my attention on fixing small but annoying bugs before working on new features. The reputation pane has finally received the attention it deserved, and factions are now grouped as in the standard reputations frame.

I'll have to work on adding suggestions for each of them, but as you can imagine, this takes a lot of time, so you'll see them making their way to the addon bit by bit. You can already see what to expect with The Aldor, The Scryers, and Netherwing.

A few things that are planned for 2.4.013:
  • A raid id tracker.
  • The possibility to select another icon for the addon. (Thanks Quokka !)
  • Bugfix: Correct the count in the tooltip in mail attachments, currently incorrect until the mailbox is closed, correct afterwards.
  • Support for "Return" e-mails
  • Configurable recipe tooltips

This list may be subject to change (there will be more than that I guess). All suggestions are taken into account, and even if it takes some time until they make their way into the addon, I won't discard any good idea as long as it's in line with the philosophy of altoholism