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05-07-08 01:57 PM by: Thaoky
As .012b is now rather stable, I have some time in front of me to work on new features

I've corrected a nasty bug that prevented counters to be correct when viewing mailbox attachments. This is almost totally fixed, I still have to work on counters being incorrect when receiving mails from AH purchases, which are totally weird for some reason.

/gquit no longer triggers a Lua error.

.. and last but not least, I'm working on a contextual menu when right-clicking the name of an alt, for faster access to this alt's info (bags, mails, recipes, quests). There's also a possibility to delete an alt via the addon. Say goodbye to lua editing

.013 is not ready to be released yet, I'd like to add more new features and to take the time to test as much as I can before making it public.