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Characters tab not functioning properly
Bug #: 7111
File: Altoholic
Date: 12-16-10 08:29 AM
By: Angsta
Status: Unconfirmed
I apologize in advance if this is already brought up, I don't even know how to describe what's happening for me, so please bear with me as I struggle to use a vocabulary that probably is all wrong.

When I open up my Altoholic (V.4.0.005 by Thaoky), and I select the Characters tab at the bottom, I notice several things. First, there appears to be a double tab for the Characters tab, like there's another tab hiding behind the entitled tab.

Second, once I select that tab, there are no longer any icons on the left side of the window, below the pulldown option for which server I wish to view. There is a 'highlighted' icon, but no icon itself. What I mean by that is, there are the little gold dots, moving in a continuous clockwise motion around a square icon location, but within those gold dots, there is no icon. The other spaces where icons are supposed to be, there aren't any.

Further, at the very top, there are 8 icons, from left to right (as they have no title tooltip window to indicate the icon or search feature name); Female Dwarf in Christmas garb, 6/8 slot bag icon, yellow exclamation point on a blue background, tree on a left to right slanted hill with stars, money icon, paper icon, book icon and the last one appears to be a hand holding a hammer in front of a...clock?

Please excuse my ignorance of this stuff, I'm a retired disabled combat vet and, even wearing my glasses, it's hard to see some of this stuff.

Currently, the only icons that create a tooltip window with options are the first four, the second four are not selectable or even have a tooltip window appear upon cursoring over them.

One other thing I've noticed is, every day I play WoW, I keep getting messages about Calendar scheduled events that have already passed, as if trying to tell me, 'You have this long before you have to go do this!' even though the event has already passed, most of them now weeks ago, at the minimum (pre-Cataclysm release).

I hope I was clear enough with the descriptions, I'm presuming (since you created and maintain this addon) that you know what I'm talking about. I just hope I can find my way back here to check on this thread, lol.

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By: Angsta - 12-18-10 11:48 AM

It's been 48 hours, at least a comment saying something to the effect of, 'Acknowledged, looking into it...stand by....' would be nice. Otherwise, I'm just gonna get the idea that nobody's read this and I'm wasting my time.
By: Angsta - 12-22-10 07:01 AM
Way to go, folks. Now its 96 hours after the 48 hours and still....no replies.

That makes it 6 days, and not even a single reply, from anyone.