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Recipe known does not appear in Altoholic
Bug #: 7623
File: Altoholic
Date: 01-15-12 05:47 PM
By: wadergirl
Status: Unconfirmed
So, my banker had the recipe for Smoked Bear Meat (#6892) that said one of my mages did not know it. I mailed it off, logged in to the mage, but turns out she already knows it.

I tried trouble shooting by making sure to find the recipe in the Cooking window of said mage (so there were no filters on), logged into the banker, but still same "Can be learned by: mage".

Now I've logged into the mage, opened up both the cooking window and Altoholic side by side. Cooking window lists: Strider Stew, Smoked Bear Meat, Venison Jerky (amongst the others obviously). Altoholic, in the professions, goes straight from Strider Stew to Venison Jerky.

(Left the character names out, because it seems pointless. )

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By: Sulhir - 10-01-12 01:35 PM
This happen all the time with all the professions. The only workaround I've found is to play around with the profession in question until Altoholic decides you know the recipe.