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Cannot get my guilds back in altoholic....
Bug #: 8325
File: Altoholic
Date: 05-26-15 05:11 AM
By: Sillysith
Status: Unconfirmed
I hope you can help me with this.

I was getting conflicting item counts (in tooltip display windows) with duplicate guild names for two servers. So, I deleted them thinking I could just go open the guild banks again and they would reappear (I have done this in past without a problem) Well, no luck. I have all the boxes checked to include guild searches/tooltip displays but they still will not reappear. The data is there, it just will not locate the guild name in the guild bank tab.

Next, I renamed my Altoholic.lua file to Altoholic.lua.bak in the WTF/account/server/SavedVariables directory. I hoped this would reset it. No joy.

The strange part is, this happened only on one of my accounts. My other account is fine.

Please help me!