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Multi Account Support (WoW1, WoW2, ETC)
Bug #: 8635
File: Altoholic
Date: 10-05-16 12:18 AM
By: Yewtink
Status: Unconfirmed
I have several WoW accounts that are linked through battle.net. For a long time now I can't see anything on the other accounts when I am playing on one. Example: playing on WoW1 and looking for all the Copper Bars I have across all alts on all accounts, WoW2, WoW3. The search will only show WoW1 inventory across all servers and factions nothing about the other accounts WoW2, WoW3.

I also tried to share the information and that didn't work either.

TY for all our amazing work! A must have addon!! :banana:

Also I would like to see a lite version that would only track professions, mats and inventory. Since achieves, pets and mounts are shared across all accounts its not really needed anymore IMO.