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Turn off guild communications
Feature #: 3872
File: Altoholic
Date: 10-23-09 09:55 AM
By: Awgy
Status: Wont add Feature
We are noticing a large amount of Altoholic communication over the guild addon channel when people log in. Most people in our guild only use it for their own alts and do not require the extra information from other players.

A way to turn this feature off would be great.

Also, for people who do like the feature, maybe you can use the guild channel to just announce who has the addon and then use the whisper channel to transfer the data. This would keep it from spamming people who do not use Altoholic.

Thanks for making such a great addon!

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By: Thaoky - 11-16-09 05:26 AM
Guild comm has been entirely rewritten in 3.2.003 + some data transfer now happens slightly after logon & at a smoother pace. Disabling it completely is not intended at this point.