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Color recipes in Auctioneer AH to show already known
Feature #: 3960
File: Altoholic
Date: 01-02-10 04:07 PM
By: Foam Head
Status: Under Review
When searching for new recipes in the AH, it would be tremendously helpful if you would color recipes that some/all of your toons already know. Since you can't color the name of the recipe without losing the rarity info, you can use an alpha-map overlay over the icon and/or a border around the icon.

I don't know if it makes a difference, but for me this coloring has to take effect when using the Auctioneer Suite to look through the currently posted recipes. Although it would be a nice plus, I don't think you need support any of Auctioneer's off-line browsing; I just want to see the coloring when I'm doing a live AH search at an AH NPC.

Because I expect different people to want different coloring, I'd like to see at least the following:
  1. An option to limit alts to the standard pools; this realm/faction only, all factions this realm, all realms, and all accounts.
  2. An option to ignore alts whose current skill level is below a configurable threshold (zero meaning none ignored); e.g. if alt X has cooking at 250 and alt Y has cooking at 20, setting a min profession threshold of 100 would ignore alt Y when coloring cooking recipes.
  3. An option to limit recipe coloring to just the current toon's recipes.
  4. Color the recipe red if all "considered" toons know the recipe, yellow if the current toon already knows it but at least one "considered" alt does not, and green if no "considered" toons know it.

Note that #2 is really a request to let me ignore characters that are not being leveled, but that are still worth tracking in Altoholic (e.g. using an old toon as a mule). The best way to do this would be a full blown map of which professions on which toons you want to track, but I figured that was overly complex and thus I'm suggesting #2. Also note that this threshold could also be applied (via a separate on/off configuration) to tooltips.

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By: freimensch - 04-19-10 05:01 AM
Yeah, it would be great feature. I saw something like this in another addon, but it's too old. Move mouse pointer on every recipe in AH to see do you alt know this recipe or not is not very comfortable.