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Bags in use
Feature #: 4454
File: Altoholic
Date: 05-19-11 01:38 PM
By: Sadachbia
Status: Under Review
I would like Altoholic to track a character's bags that are currently in use. At the moment, it only tracks bags that characters can make, not even including unused bags in their bank or inventory. This feature would be useful for seeing how many of my alts need Frostweave or Embersilk Bags (my main is a tailor, so I craft a lot of bags in the course of levelling my professions).

As it is now, if I search for "Frostweave Bag", it brings up that my main (85 mage) can craft them. I was going to see if it listed her unused ones in the bank, then I remembered I got rid of them for bank space >_>; However, I want to be able to see how many of my alts have them and which don't so that I know if I need to make extras and mail them around.