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Calendar Raid Lockout revamp
Feature #: 4549
File: Altoholic
Date: 04-07-12 07:06 AM
By: Akari
Status: Under Review
When I go to check my calendar for unsaved alts for bh, I usually have done a few other raids, random heroics and such as well, and the list gets a little messy at the end of the week.

I was wondering if a raid lockout overview would be an option? Maybe different content raids in a dropdown menu, with default being most current expansion and its raids, with a list of characters saved to that raid (ie Dragonsoul - Raid lock expires xx.xx.xx | Saved characters: Main, alt3, alt8 etc.)

Dungeons could be either sorted to their own list of some sort or just left with the tradeskill cd and other calendar items. As a bonus, the option to create a calendar entry manually would be sweet :)